OSCAL 2022 Speakers

We have the pleasure to announce the list of speakers that will be presenting in OSCAL 2022 and openSUSE Summit at OSCAL!

Anton Sankov

Securing Kubernetes with Open Policy Agent; Getting started with Go

Besjana Muraku

Jenkins in Kubernetes for Startups (Case Study)

Boris Stoyanov


Getting started with Go

Chris Chinchilla

Open Broadcast Studio in an hour

Dan Cermak


What made your container fat?

Danjela Lura

Deep Learning from a Student's Perspective

Dashamir Hoxha

Manage your own DNS

Douglas DeMaio


My 8+ Years with the openSUSE Project; A new distribution openSUSE Leap Micro

Elger Jonker

May Contain Hackers, what are hacker camps and what can they do for you?

Endri Xhukellari

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Engjell Rraklli

Metaverse, the future shaped by Babylon.js

Erjon Curraj

A talk on Digital Rights in Albania

Gerjan Lleshaj


How to setup Nextcloud on a docker container

Gianluca Boiano


Linux Native Packaging in Carbonio Community Edition, our open source e-mail and collaboration platform

Giuliano Caregnato


Carbonio Community Edition: intro and technical demo of our email and collaboration open source project

Hila Fish


Open-Source: Open Choice - A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption; Terraform Practices - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Italo Vignoli

The Document Foundation

Open Source and Open Standards for Digital Sovereignty; Software Heritage, the global OSS archive

Joana Meraja

Learning how to create subtitles with Gnome Subtitles

Johannes Segitz


Security for (not only openSUSE) developers

Julita Inca


A look at the Security Features of GNOME on Fedora

Klesti Fetiu



Kristi Çunga

The state of facial recognition technology: DIY stuff to trick the surveillance cameras

Lars Haefner


Censorship of Wikipedia

Lucas Lasota


Device Neutrality - Making Free Software accesible in devices

Lum Ramabaja

Hypersyn: A Peer-to-Peer System for Mutual Credit

Mariana Balla


Open Source for business

Martin Pluskal


Joys of packaging - building distribution in Open Build Service

Mike Saunders

The Document Foundation

What's going on in the LibreOffice community?

Nathan Coyle

New Union

Using open data to be better disrupters, lessons learned on outreach and decoding it's language

Nevis Shkenza

Jenkins in Kubernetes for Startups (Case Study)

Orkidea Xhaferaj

A talk on Digital Rights in Albania

Rei Arifi

Containerization and orchestration for fun and profit