CFP is now open

Now, we are calling for proposals (CFP), we would like to invite developers, speakers and promoters from Albania, the region and overseas to submit proposals. The applicants for who want to pitch at OSCAL’20 must be aware that the topic MUST be related with open knowledge, open source software and/or hardware, software freedom, online privacy or generally open culture. We accept talks and workshops (applicants are encouraged to bring their own laptops).

While we will most likely be having a working internet connection at the venue, please don’t rely your session solely on the wifi if possible. In this way we can prevent unneeded technical disasters.
Almost all sessions will be held in English. Proposals should also be submitted in English. You are free to propose more than one session, in a separate submission.

This year theme is: Internet Freedom FTW/WTF?!

Internet freedom is at its lowest. For years, netizens have praised the collaborative and empowering tools of the internet, while also warning about the raising interest in controlling, filtering and censoring what we see and do online. But in the recent years we’ve seen a new kind of problem, that of the freedom in the internet being abused and used to disseminate misinformation, conspiracy theories and hate speech at levels never heard before. On the one side, governments and corporations engage in massive surveillance of every movement online. On the other side, shady actors are using misinformation to undermine the very sense of truth, and hiding behind slogans of freedom.

With more and more reports about internet shutdowns, domain names being blocked, massive surveillance and censorship, governments fighting privacy friendly tools like encryption, together with massive spread of fake news, what are we to do? How do we counter censorship and surveillance coming from both government and corporations alike? Is there a democratic solution to the spread of misinformation? Is the new stack of technologies referred to as web3 a way forward towards a decentralized internet, or just a re-branding offering more of the same? The World Wide Web, an amazing tool used to share knowledge, information and one of the fastest communication tools is now being used against us and we need to act! In this edition of our volunteer powered conference we want to emphasize that we are here to fight for internet freedom and against misinformation widely spread on the net!

Keep in mind this year dates are 18-19 of June. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the team at email: oscal(at)

Deadline for applications is April 30!