Jora Kasapi

Jora Kasapi
  • Company: Jora Kasapi architecture and design

Jora Kasapi is an architect and interior designer, based in Tirana, with a degree in Architecture and Sustainability from Sint-lucas Ghent (KULeuven).
Driven from her interest for researching on ‘the urban’, she has been part of different initiatives and projects, like the research-project ‘Cities Methodologies’( in collaboration with the Institute of Anthropology and Urban Studies). A research-project with the theme ‘Liminality’, for DOKUFEST, together with the Institute of Visual Anthropology.
Took part in the National Symposium in Szczecin (Poland), through a sustainable project-proposal presentation for the Lastovnia Island in the city of Szczecin, in the framework ‘Reshaping Future European Cities’.
She is currently developing her professional activity in Tirana, through her personal practice ‘Jora Kasapi, architecture and Design’ and at the same time has been active working in interdisciplinary projects that relate design and architecture with open source platforms and other fields of interest.