Fatjon Gërra

Fatjon Gërra
  • Programmer

Fatjon is very passionate about Technology and Open Source Software. He has been working for over 2-years in Online Media, Marketing, and Content Management but decided to make a change in his career and become more of a builder of the Web. For the past months he has been studying Front-End (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap) and Back-End technologies (Django/Python) with 2 goals:
1. To build better Web Apps.
2. Create a curated curriculum for learning Programming and Web Development, using only free resources available online.
He is more particularly fond of the Python programming language and Django, which is a powerful, free and open-source web framework, written in Python.

Outside of technology he is very interested in Art Forms like Literature, Music, and Cinematography and always trying to find ways to incorporate traits from these Art Forms in Technology.

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