David Stainton

David Stainton
  • the Katzenpost project

“David Stainton is a technologist, security researcher and proponent of
various movements including: langsec, cypherpunks and crypto anarchist
movements. He researches and develops mix networks which are a type of
anonymity communications network for the purpose of enabling greater
freedom to communicate. David has worked on the Panoramix European
academic project to design and develope the Katzenpost decryption mix
network system. Continuing his work on mix networks, he now works on
the Nym project and is the lead developer behind the Katzenpost free software project.

In the past several years David has on occasion made some volunteer
code contributions to various open source software projects including
Tor project, Tahoe-LAFS and Subgraph OS. A year or so after the
Snowden document leaks David focused his research on vulnerabilities
in the TCP protocol. In particular David developed a TCP injection
attack detector that can passively sniff network devices or analyze
pcap files for injection attacks.”