Abetare Gojani

Abetare Gojani
  • IPKO Foundation

Abetare Gojani has more than nine year of experience working in youth empowerment, social technology and volunteering. She has worked as a leader in the sector of Client Relationship in “”Ogilvy Kosova & Albania” from May 2009 – August 2010. She joined IPKO Foundation (IF) on Novemmber 2010 and has been part of the success of the Foundation since than.
Abetare is responsible for the management of strategic planning, offering a stategic vision to create new initiatives for the IF; ensuring IF activities to meet the goals of quality, impact and budget; participation in the Organizational Management Team; IF representation in external forums. She has finished her MBS studies in Staffordshire University in partnership with Riinverst College in Kosovo and has a Barchelor degree from A.U.K in partnership with Institute of Technology Rochester, graduated for Management and Public Policy.
Abetare has finished many trainings related to Project Management, HR and Youth Activism and was appointed by the US Embassy in Kosovo to participate in the World Open Leadership Program organized by the United States Department of State in Washington.

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