The approach to free software and culture at Roma Capitale


10:00 - 10:30

Talk 1

This article is focused on the actions of Roma Capitale to increase its use of Free and Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), within the framework of Roma Capitale’s Digital Agenda 2017-2021. The main objective is to break the vendor lock-in, to guarantee more efficiency, sustainability and independence from suppliers in the performance of its duty. Starting from the political level, in 2016 a Resolution for the use of FLOSS was adopted.

In a few words, it was decided to be mandatory for this Administration to choose open source solutions whenever possible, taking into consideration the legal and technical constraints. Consequently, during the 2017, the Municipality of Rome took well-orchestrated steps to implement its program about the transformation towards FLOSS:

(i) an assessment about Roma Capitale’s main systems and their impacts on internal and external users, was released;
(ii) the open and proprietary components were evaluated;
(iii) a migration roadmap to FLOSS was established.

At present LibreOffice, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Zimbra have been installed and customized on more than 10000 client workstations and cohabit with proprietary software. A gradual switch off started first by employees that hardly ever use the traditional tools and a community of 100 €œFLOSS passionate people was constituted.