Presentation of the pilot-project and website ‘’

12:25 - 13:00

Talk 1

The initial idea of our project started after a dedicated research project developed on the urban texture of the city of Tirana where many issues of the urban development were identified. This lead to the grassroots development of as a necessary, interactive platform for the online documentation of some important assets of Tirana’s Identity as a city, the ‘neglected buildings’ with a specific historical, cultural and architectural value left in the deterioration of the course of nature. An innovative added value of the project is the fact that the website has been created in all of its phases through the notions of an Open source platform, all the data and content of the website can be found on GitHub so that it can be a public common project offering the opportunity to the community and people interested to contribute to its further development, in different ways (detaily explained how, on the website). Apart from using GitHub as an open source platform for the community engagement, we use also Wikimedia Commons for all the visual contents (images) of the website as a further step that enriches the project and offers another way of contributing at the same time to two different platforms. One of the ways of contributing can be done also through Cryptocurrency, since a bitcoin-wallet was provided specifically for the website The project aims to raise the awareness of people to participate in preserving their common public assets of the city they live in, aims to give to people interested, the basic notions of using GitHub or Wikimedia commons and it also represents a pilot-project that starts with Tirana but that can be implemented for several other cities that suffer from the same problematics, once the structure already exists. A first presentation of the website happened on the beginning of January, at Open Labs Hackerpace Tirana, a very supportive community for the project.
To see all the above mentioned issues please check the website: