MOOCs, Open Education and developing countries: something good is in the air?


17:00 - 17:15

Talk 2

Massive Open Online Courses, also known as MOOCs are a relatively new phenomenon in the education sphere, but they are getting the attention of many scholars because of their exponential growth rate and because of the popularity they have gained, especially in developing countries. In order to better understand the MOOCs model in education, we should analyze the contest in which MOOCs were born and where they are developing nowadays. In its core philosophy, education is strictly connected with the concepts of sharing
and openness. The internet age in which we are living and the fast adoption of digital technologies by the vast majority of people living throughout our planet has significantly boosted the degree of openness of education, by bringing into the scene new powerful actors, such as MOOCs.
Furthermore, MOOCs diffusion in developing countries leads to new interesting opportunities and challenging threats. Unfortunately, evidence about MOOCs in developing countries is not really easy to find as the outcome of MOOCs seems to be country specific; in addition, MOOCs are a brand-new topic in the universe of OER, for which further investigation is needed.