Importance of communication in Open Source communities


14:30 - 15:00

Talk 1

Open Source communities are excellent example of most diverse and globally spread work-space. Although, this is a major plus and feels amazing to work in such a diverse culture, but at the same time we need to face the challenge of accurate communication. When we are not at the same place and can’t talk face-to-face, expressing the right thing in correct manner becomes more important and we need to take care of several things. Obviously, we are not always using video chats when we are communicating with our fellow community members and lack of those facial expressions make it more complex to deliver the right message. Communication has many attributes to it – right content, ambiguity, accurate by all means (ethically, culturally) and at the end we are conveying what is intended.

We may think communication to be a very basic technique of delivering message, but it gets complicated specially when it is not verbal and not on video chat. You may want to write a good “WOW” but it can be interpreted as a bad “WOW” depending on the receiver’s culture/mood and intend.

My paper will highlight certain examples of such communication glitches and also some basic magical rules of good communication.