How to improve OSM with official open-data (Tirana use-case)


14:00 - 14:30

Talk 1

Part 1 by Anisa Kuci: OSM Albania member / Open Labs member
In many countries or cities we can find open-data publicly available but it’s not always the case, that’s why Open Labs contacted the Municipality of Tirana to make them open their data and … it worked !
Even though each country is different, we think it’s usually difficult to connect with officials, especially to promote open-source softwares and open-data, this is how Open Labs community succeeded in both in Tirana.

Part 2 by Jonathan Beliën: OSM Belgium board member / Open Labs remote member
Once we have open-data available (in many formats), how can we make those data available for the many people who do not have a GIS background ?
The idea we had is to create easy-to-use and open-source website and services so anyone can use those data to map in Tirana using their favorite editor (iD, JOSM, …).

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