How to cook your own open source event


12:00 - 12:30

Talk 1

Eight years ago, the idea of open source cooking in Munich first was on the table and since then took place over a dozen of times already.

After the first meal it became clear immediately: You indeed can apply the principles of free software communities to other areas of life. Many contributors working jointly on a common goal, each of them bringing in their individual skills and interests, to create something delicious and tasty many benefit from – lots of fun for everyone included!

Created as a rather, well, “spontaneous” idea during our open source meetings, many free software enthusiasts nowadays bring their kids and family along to meet, cook together, have a good time and lots of fun, all of that (mostly 🙂 far away from smartphones, computers or wifi.

In this talk, Florian gives an overview of open source activities in Munich, shares some wild ideas for the future and explains why open source and cooking have more in common than you may actually think. Bon appétit!