OSCAL Rebranding

OSCAL Rebranding

We, at OSCAL, decided to give our brand identity a redesign.
After 5 (successful) editions of OSCAL, a half of a decade, we thought that a refresh on the visual elements will bring a new ‘face’ on the presentation to our guests.
This was our official logo:

As it is quite obvious, the main visual element is that red shape reminiscing the letter O by having an open gate on the top of it. The letter O stands for OSCAL and the open gate represents how we do ‘business’ in the free open-source world.
By following the same path of interpreting such ideas, we worked on creating a new one.

As we approched a new design, we were eagered for putting some more meaning into it furthermore.
So, since the main focus of OSCAL is open-source, we wanted to embrace such aspect of openness by double adding it into the design.
What we came up with, also put another meaning to the overall design, being that it is resembling an element of calling a function in programming.

The concept of openness through typography is preserved. However, openness is explored further until the O for open starts to look like a pair of brackets.

In conclusion, the previous shape was replaced with this new one:

Regarding the colors, they have stayed the same in what they represent.
There is a mix of black and red in a white background and a mix of black and white in a red background.

It is always fun to play around with design, so here it is a smile from our team. We hope the new design will have the good effect of we hoped for in the beginning.

What are your thought on the new visual ID? Share them with our team using #OSCAL2019 on Twitter.

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