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We are very excited to inform you that the registration process for OSCAL 2018 is now open. Please read our Code of Conduct before applying, we are trying to build a welcoming conference for every participant.
The access to the conference is and always will be free, but if you appreciate the work of volunteers behind it and want to help the conference then you can choose one of the other ticket types.
This year we have a total of 4 ticket types. They are ‘Free ticket’, ‘Supporter (tote bag edition)’, ‘Supporter (silkscreen printed poster edition)’ and ‘Mega Supporter’.
The ‘Supporter’ tickets costs 14 EUR, while the ‘Mega Supporter’ ticket costs 40 EUR.
When you get a ‘Supporter’ ticket, you get a tote bag/silkscreen printed poster, food & party
When you get a ‘Mega Supporter’ ticket, you get a tote bag, a silkscreen printed poster, food & drinks, party, printed photos of the conference
We accept PayPal, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin,  Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, LiteCoin) and Cash.

You can get a free ticket in the section below or buy one using PayPal or cryptocurrencies. Check the video for instructions (using PayPal).
Note: If you want to buy a ticket but you want to pay with cash, check the “Pay using offline method” box. If you want to pay using a Debit/Credit card, just proceed with the checkout.

As we mentioned, this year we are accepting cryptocurrencies. This is done through Coinbase.You will be asked about your name and email so we can register your ticket. This is done only so that we can send you the ticket and verify you at check-in NOTE: Do not buy with random details, as that would make your ticket invalid!

Buy the Supporter (with tote bag) ticket here using cryptopayments

Buy with Crypto

But the Supporter (with silkcreen printed poster) ticket here using cryptopayments

Buy with Crypto

Buy the Mega Supporter ticket here using cryptopayments

Buy with Crypto

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