The Pyramid

The Pyramid
  • The pyramid
  • Main Venue
The structure was opened on 14 October 1988 as a museum in honour of Enver Hoxha, albanian former communist leader who had died three year earlier. It was designed from his daughter in colaboration with three other architects and was reported to be the most expensive ever constructed in Albania.
Through years the place has served as a museum, exhibition venue, conference center, broadcoasting center and also as a club. There also have been many proposals during years to demolish it and to redevelop the land of the 17,000-square-metre. Fourtunately it still stays strong and it is now used as a venue for different events.
The pyramid is a significant building of Tirana which also serves as a point of orientation, located near city center through one of the main boulevard “Deshmoret e Kombit”.

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