COVID19 Info

COVID19 precautions during OSCAL2022

Following the global COVID19 pandemic and with the ultimate goal to provide a safe event for all participants, the OSCAL2022 organising team has decided the following measures during the weekend and side activities of the conference. Please visit this time from time to time for the latest updates or contact the organising team at oscal (at) if you have more questions:

  • participants in the event will be strictly follow all the rules imposed by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Albania at the time of the event. Please visit this page before planning your visit or contact OSCAL2022 organising team if you have any questions;
  • during the event: for any issues about your health and safety please contact the dedicated OSCAL 2022 team that will be responsible to address your concerns.

Status of the COVID19 rules and guidelines for events in Albania (latest update January 2022):

  • official stats from World Health Organisation about Albania;
  • based on the situation during summer 2021, Covid cases in Albania were insignificant (some attribute it to the warm weather) and public officials have estimated that in Summer 2022 the situation will be the same.

Links with more information about COVID19 in Albania (in albanian, use an online translation tool for other languages):

Emergency contacts during the conference:

  • OSCAL2022 health and safety tream: 📥 oscal (at)
  • health emergency services: 📱 127 (free of charge)
  • Covid19 green line: ☎️ 0800 40 40