OSCAL 2022 theme and visual ID: Internet Freedom FTW/WTF?!


For years, netizens have praised the collaborative tools empowered from the internet and the decentralized character of ‘the network of networks’. At the same time, hacktivists and whistle-blowers have warned us about the raising interest in controlling, filtering and censoring the internet as we know it. On the other side, the new biggest source of information to humanity is being used to spread missinformation and unbased conspiracy theories. This means that unfortunately, nowadays our biggest fears are becoming a reality. We read more and more reports about internet shutdowns, massive surveillance operations being conducted, domain names being blocked, news outlets being censored, massive spread of fake news and governments fighting privacy friendly tools like encryption. How do we counter censorship and surveillance coming from both government and corporations alike? Is there a democratic solution to the spread of missinformation? And are the new stack of technologies refered to as web3 a way forward towards a decentralized internet, or just a rebranding offering more of the same? These disturbing phenomena are happening in Albania, the Balkans and worldwide. The World Wide Web, an amazing tool used to share knowledge, information and one of the fastest communication tools is now being used against us and we need to act!

OSCAL 2022 poster: Internet freedom FTW/WTF
Official OSCAL2022 poster. Artist: Kleidi Eski. Download high res image here

In this edition of #OSCAL2022, we want to celebrate the powers of the network of networks, but also to raise awareness about the impact that this tool has when it’s used by forces that work tirelessly against us. We want to emphasize that we are here to fight for internet freedom and (at the same time) against fake news and conspiracy theories widely spread on the net!