Apply for an infobooth at OSCAL 2022


Are you interested in promoting your free libre open source project or initiative or an open data project? Is your FLOSS startup searching for new passionate developers? Is your free software/open knowledge community in search of promotion?

If your answer to one of the questions above is ‘yes’ , then you definitely should apply for an info-booth at the seventh edition of Open Source Conference Albania and spread the word about what you are doing to the amazing participants at OSCAL.

Please be aware that the topic of your info-booth MUST be related with open knowledge, open source software and/or hardware, software freedom, open data or generally open culture. You are free to propose more than one booth also, in separate submissions. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact the organizing team: oscal(at)

Take your time to fill a short application and you will have your dedicated space to promote your project/s and interact with the participants during the conference.

Date: 18-19 June 2022 (Saturday + Sunday)
Deadline for Info-booth applications: 01.05.2022